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Us For Once (UFO) is a company founded in Newark, New Jersey in 1987 by Carl Sharif to advance promulgation of cultural and historical information and knowledge about African American people. As its initial venture UFO designed a new flag to represent America and African Americans in the best traditions of the nation. We are honored to add our flag to those of the aboriginal (native) Americans and all the immigrants who populate America and fly their nation of origin flags on special day and holidays.


Our flag is called the All American African American flag. We believe that in this flag All Americans can see the origin of African American people and understand the deep cultural and historical connection that we have to the nation.


We believe that all people and nations are deserving of a flag. It signals important information and cultural clues that add to understanding and salutes diversity. Until now, African Americans have been among the few inhabitants of North America without a symbol of their origin. Old Glory reflects their nationhood and now the All American African American Flag reflects their origin.


We hope that this flag is received as it is intended….to give positive identification to a people and uphold patriotism to the ideals of a nation.

It is our short-term goal to see this flag displayed across the nation on days that have particular significance to African American people and enlightened others. Over time we would hope to see it join the assemblage of flags that surround the United Nations facility in Manhattan, New York.



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