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Is the All American Flag illegal?


No. There is nothing illegal about this flag. In fact, one of our manufacturers is among the oldest flag manufacturers in America. Additionally, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that it is not even illegal to burn a flag.

Is the All American Flag a protest against Old Glory?


No. In fact, we at Us for Once highly recommend that our flag fly alongside the red, white and blue Old Glory. The All American flag does not intend to insult Old Glory but intends to complement it by completing the story it tells. African Americans were not included under the conception of Old Glory. Slavery was still very much a way of American life then. The All American Flag signifies that, finally, "We are ALL AMERICANS,” working hand in hand to bring about a more perfect union.

Why have a flag for African Americans designed to look like the American Flag?


First, because we are of African decent and we are completely American. What better way to say African American? Next, as a group of people, African Americans, it is complicated to trace our origin to specific nations in Africa. Only on occasion can one of us be so fortunate. Our lives and thus our culture have by and large been shaped in America. Indeed, we are more American than anyone except the aboriginal Americans (so-called American Indians). One could credibly argue that we were “made in America.” So the 13 stripes and 50 stars are an indication that we are everywhere and have contributed in every way to American society and development. And the red, black and green maintain our attachment and fidelity to our native land. We are, and this flag is, American. At bottom, the flag of the United States of America is not about its color, it is about the “content of its character.” 13 stripes and 50 stars represent that character.

Why do African Americans need a flag?

Every nation of people on the earth has a flag or symbol that represents them. And people have a flag that points to their place of origin.


In North America every Native American nation has a flag. Because of the nature of our origination as Americans, it is impossible for us to have a symbol of any particular nation other than America. Every American claims a nation somewhere on the earth and you can see them proudly flying their flags and symbols on special occasions. We need a symbol that we can commonly claim. A flag identifies African Americans as a nation to stand alongside all other nations.

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